Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Modifire Editing and Consulting Services™

Editing services at excellent rates! Guaranteed to you by the date and time you request. For rush orders 48 hours and under, a $50 rush fee will be applied in addition to prices below and/or any quoted prices:

Highschool papers - $5 a page
College Resumes/Cover Letters - $10 a page
Undergraduate papers - $10 a page - (or for more extensive papers - contact for a quote)
Master's papers - $12 a page - (or for more extensive papers - contact for a quote)

Dissertations and Theses - Negotiable depending on size of paper - please email me at Modifire to obtain a quote. All quotes are a flat fee based on the amount of work involved and aren't by word count, number of pages, or by hour.

I can also format your dissertation into Riverpoint Writer/BOLD format for only $100. If you request this formatting in addition to other editing services, you'll get it for only $75. I can fill out University required forms for you including the change matrix for $35 per form. Please place your request at the time of your quote. Also, anything that is out of the ordinary, such as consulting, content help, Riverpoint Writer/BOLD formatting, NVivo consulting, or transcription services, I can provide a quote for when you contact me at the following email address: Modifire Email Address

If you would like me to fill out your change matrix and of the corrections, I can provide this service for $35.

Customization of services is also available as well as consulting services. Other items I can create or edit include: letters, books, all types of papers, resumes, and editing for content. I will provide a quote when requested.  Just contact me to set up a meeting to get started!

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A few words regarding plagiarism:  If I find plagiarism in your paper, I will point it out to you. If the plagiarism is clearly deliberate (such as paragraph after paragraph, citations and all, lifted from another paper), I reserve the right to report you if you are a doctoral candidate. I will not rewrite your plagiarized work for you, this is what makes you a doctoral candidate, your own writing. I will edit to clarify your writing for better readability, and can consult you on your writing, if requested. However, writing your dissertation is your responsibility.